Whitefish, MT – Day 2


Loula'sI started my day at Loula’s again. This time getting the yuppie wrap. I couldn’t eat it all, though I really wanted to. I left my bags at the hostel and trekked with my ski gear to the bus stop which took me up to the mountain base where I acquired my pass.

Skiing today was exceptional. The snow at the top of the mountain was different from below. There was a little inversion, so there was clear skies at the base, clouds going up, and clear at the top. My favorite run on the mountain, which I did several times today, was Hell Fire. It is long and winding through the trees with plenty of leisurely places mixed with some great elevation.  

Hells FireI skied quite well today. I am so much more comfortable with my balance and confidence that I really relaxed and let my skis go DOWN the mountain. I picked up my speed and sat into my turns. It felt like I was flying.  

Lunch today was pizza from Summit House. There was also a cuppa coffee and a hot chocolate somewhere in my day. I even took a nap in a big comfy chair by the lodge fireplace (Yes, I’m embracing my age, which apparently is now 4).  

Skiing alone also allowed me to take my time, and take bathroom breaks frequently to warm up which was every few runs. 

I ended my ski day by hitting last call at Summit House for a beer, then cruised down Hell Fire one last time. I took the bus back to town. I changed, repacked my bags at the hostel, then carried everything the few short blocks to the train station and checked my bags in early. 

I walked over to McKenzie River Pizza and enjoyed a 24oz beer along with a delicious pizza topped with pesto, sundried tomato, pine nuts and artichokes! I even finished off by attempting to eat a slice of Red Velvet Cake. I couldn’t finish it though, it was way too much. 

What a fun filled day. I am so grateful that I’m willing to go on explorations all by myself to experience things. It would have been wonderful to have a buddy to share this with, but I’m glad that I don’t need one to go. Perhaps a GoPro for my self birthday gift would be a way to share. I had a great idea of time-lapse photo on the chair lifts with the terrain change and sun shining through the fog that would have been fun to share. 

Next Adventure – New England!




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