When in Rome…

I’ve REALLY decided to embrace this whole ski thing again. Way back when I was in High School, I had a few friends who liked to ski that introduced me to the mountains on a couple of pieces of wood. The skis that were passed along tom me were about 6’6″ long and weighed quite a few pounds. Olin Mark I’s.  We would all pile into a vehicle after school and drive the 20 minutes to Mt Wachusett arriving by 3:30. It was a mere $10.00 to ski from 4PM-10PM daily. So, we did. The mountain was small with just a few lifts. We would ski down as fast as we could and get right back on the summit lift. After graduating from High School, I had only skied a couple more times before stopping. There was no rhyme or reason to my stopping, I just did. The last time I was on skis I was probably 27 years old.

So, here I am at 40, still in great shape from personal training, yoga, eating well, hiking and backpacking, rediscovering my ski legs. I have to say, it’s been a very short few weeks, but so much fun.  I am working with a bunch of people who also love to be on the slopes, so getting out there is easy and supported. The clothing that I have now is so much less bulky but so much more warm, which also makes it easier to embrace the chilly days.

Along with my season ski pass to Mt Hood Meadows, I’ve also booked three separate ski mini-getaways. I am overdue to visit my family in New England, so I decided that an end of January visit with a flight on Southwest (bags fly free), is just what I needed.  I actually got a round trip ticket for UNDER $200.00. I can’t even believe that, but I embrace it with a big ‘ole thank you to the travel goddess.

I also booked a quick get-away to Whitefish, MT. I will be heading out there next week. Montana is a BIG checkbox on my shortening list of states that I have yet to visit (Montana, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Wyoming and Alaska). I am going on a solo ski adventure to Whitefish Mountain. I will be taking the overnight train on Amtrak which picks me up 2 miles from my house and drops me off in downtown Whitefish. There is a free shuttle bus in Whitefish that takes folk from the town to the mountain, so I will ski all day upon arrival the next morning. I found a $40 hostel with great ratings for one night (Whitefish Hostel). I will get up early the next morning, take the free bus back to the mountain to ski again for the day, then the free bus back to town to get on the overnight train to Portland. Whole trip – $225.00!  Yes Please!

Finally, it’s my good buddy’s big 40 this year, and he wanted an adventure. So he invited a bunch of folk up to go to Whistler in BC. Everyone I mention this to gets excited for me. I’m really looking forward to this in March. I may also go down to check out Mt Bachelor this season as well. Hey, when in Rome!

All in all – it’s going to be a great ski adventure year. I am looking forward to the many places of discovery yet to come and the many folk along the way that I know will make it amazing.

Do not spend time waiting for the world to catch up to your adventures. Instead, go on adventures and meet the world along the way!




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