PCT Hike – Day 15

PCT Day 15Coyotes and Owls were on this morning’s wake up call fallowed by an immediate and desperate need for a morning movement. Having been on trail 15 days now, the ability to dig a hole efficiently has been mastered.

It is dark in this deep part of the forest down by the stream. There are very large trees that canopy the ground from any skylight filtering in, we are one day away from the equinox, and it is a bit cold. The gentle whisper of Warm Springs stream is a delightful soft sound.

I was invited to morning coffee, “a shot in the dark”, with the boys. I packed up my camp and headed over and they were just starting their brewing. They were making espresso!  Wow, I was being spoiled completely and loving every second of it. They poured a hot espresso into my weak camp coffee and VOILA, instant total yumminess. They also gave me the last of their coffee which was just enough to get me to my destination without having to sacrifice a day of camp coffee on the trail. Many blessings.

They were headed out the west side of Timothy Lake today, and I was heading to Little Crater Lake. It should be a 14-15 mile trek for me, slow and steady with my boots. I try not to spend too much time thinking about my feet in those boots, as I don’t want it to deter from all the amazing things I am experiencing while on trail.

The battery on the DeLorme is dead. I sent my last “check-in” notice to my family to let them know that I was out of battery power and the solar panel was not doing a good job of giving it any type of charge under these trees. The battery on my phone is also gone, which means, no more pictures. Wah! 😦

Today’s trek was long, slow and steady. The hike around Timothy lake was inviting, yet I kept on going until I got to Little Crater Lake. It is a lake as deep as can be and it shines bright blue. It is quite pretty and extremely cold too. (Yes, the poet in me is here all day, just leave a tip in the jar). Keeping itself at a consistent 34 degrees F due to the underground spring that passes below it, I’d say that it is NOT a swimming hole. When I approached the lake on my way to the campground, there was a guy easing his way into the lake in just his swimsuit. No!

I’m camping in a Fee Campground, which of course means lots of big vehicles with big camping gear and folk that haven’t been in solitude for days on end. This is definitely the beginning of my adjustment period back into the world of society. I saw more people on trail today than I have since the beginning of my trek.

The campground ranger came by in the early evening and asked where I was parked. I let her know that I was a PCT hiker and she said, “Oh, then I’ll just leave you alone.” No fee, I camp for free! Yes Please and Thank You!

I grabbed my water filter and headed down to the lake to get water out for my pack and my food. There was a Boy Scout troupe there with about 5 dads and 20 kids. They were completely intrigued with me. I sat at the edge of the lake and started pumping out my water, and before long, I had a group of kids asking me all sorts of questions about filtering water, hiking, where I came from and “what happened to your feet?” They were lively and fun, and though the dads were all apologetic for having my space invaded, I didn’t find those inquisitive kids intolerable at all.

Tonight for dinner I made trail bread like I usually do, but I used less water than I had been and made a dough ball to fry in the pan. The bread came out fantastic! Golden and crispy, dense and delicious. Yes!

I only have one more day of intense hiking. Holy Shitballs Bathan! I’m really looking forward to being done with these boots.

mm 2074-2088, 14 miles

Happy Trekking,


Contemplating going into Big Crater Lake (two weeks ago!)



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