PCT Hike – Day 14

PCT Day 14Morning Journal Entry:
It feels longer than 13 days on trail. I’ve become quite accustomed to trail living. There are a lot of noises in the woods this morning, in the water and on the land around the water. The abundance of animal life here is thick. I can hear coyotes calling each other not far away.

Mt Hood

The small amount of drizzle that happened yesterday has pretty much cleared out. There is no destination in today’s hike, it’s just a “one foot in front of the other” day until I stop. With my cranky feet, I imagine I will be hiking nice and slow. Mt Hood gets closer by the step.

Evening Journal Entry:

I am very grateful for those who have walked this path before me. Every time I see one of the PCT Trail signs I smile and tap it with my trekking pole. A sign of hello and thanks for the consistency, the comfort and feeling of home.

Pack & Crest16 mile day today. Right in the average of this trip. I am camping at Warm Springs, though quite truthfully, there is nothing warm about the water in the creek. Brrrr!  It is a beautiful spring with a foot bridge. I have met up with two guys from Portland (Kevin & Seth) who are hiking around Timothy Lake. They are camping on the other side of the creek from me. I shared fire with them this evening and gave them my Dark Chocolate Cheesecake as I had just had one two nights before in Jefferson Park.

Warm SpringsI filtered water, washed my socks and soaked my feet in the icy river while I made a conversation with the guys. They started backpacking and trekking together a handful of years ago. They’ve known each other since they were kids. It’s pretty cool.

Warm Springs River

I will be in Portland in just a few more days. I am ready to be home. Not only am I excited to start checking off my check-lists, but my feet and boots are in a constant argument now and I’ve been contemplating hiking in my flip-flops. I’m actually hiking with my right pinky toe up on top of the piggy that didn’t have roast beef just so the first four toes can fit into my boot from side to side. It is not the most pleasant experience, but it sure beats the beating my toes get from trying to cram them in. I had purchased these boots a size too big to begin with, and have hiked in them for over a year. My feet have swollen so much that now they feel two sizes too small. Saturday I will have a 14 mile day, Sunday 17 and Monday 5. The good news (and there is always good news) is that I believe most of the next three days will be an elevation gain heading towards Mt Hood. My feet will be much happier as they will not be going down so much. I can do this.


I had ratatouille for dinner. It was quite yummy. I ate a lot today: Mango, trail mix, fruit leather, granola bars, pumpkin seeds, diner and breakfast. I’m quite hungry, I don’t think my body has the fat reserves to pull from anymore so now I have to eat to feed it. The food was all good though, and the more I eat, the lighter my pack gets. The lighter my pack gets, the happier my feet will be. Lessons learned. It’s all good stuff.

mm 2058-2074, 16 miles

Happy Trekking,


Camp Spot Warm Springs


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