PCT Hike – Day 6

PCT Day 6In Memorum – my tired, achy, blistered and wounded feet will walk for those who cannot walk any longer. 9/11/14

Lunch Lake

Today I trekked just 13.5 miles to Dumbbell Lake. It was a chilly start to the day and I began layered. It was a leisurely day and I got to have lunch at an amazing spot on the way. A very shallow lake surround by beautiful trees. There were just a few wildflowers left around as well.


A couple of sign posts I passed along the way had me questioning where I was, or whether or not I had fallen into some time warp. Porky Lake!  Also, one of the PCT trail signs had a handwritten “BOYS ->” posted on it. I actually didn’t go investigate what that meant, but I totally considered it for a little while.


On my way to Dumbbell Lake, I passed a small clump of trees which had a 1.5 foot tall owl perched in one tree with two tiny owls under her wings. I think they frightened me as much as I frightened them. They took off in a quick hurry leaving me standing there with my mouth open realizing that I had just seen three of the cutest creatures on the planet. Grey with spots. Adorable!


I saw a snake today. He was on the trail sunning himself. He allowed me to take his picture too!

I arrived at Dumbbell Lake early and without incident. I was thinking of stopping here if it matched my mood, and if not, I was going to hike the last few miles to Elk Lake Resort to pick up my Cache drop and get a move-on. But I remembered that I would be getting another package on Friday (tomorrow), so I decided to hang back and spend my day here at the lake. It was probably the best camp spot I had the entire trip.

Dumbbell Lake welcomed me with a fire pit on the upper part, but as I ventured down towards the water, I found myself traveling over and through a small group of trees to a peninsula in the middle of the lake. Boys Fort Heaven! I set up camp at the end of the peninsula just before a small grassy meadow that lead to the water. I knew where I’d be spending my afternoon and I was excited by it.

Sun Day 1With camp all set up, I washed some clothes and my body and laid starkers on my camp towel in the grassy knoll with my journal, my solar panel and some water. It felt great, free and wonderful to be there. There was no one around for miles, it was quiet and there were two small black and white ducks playing in the water nearby.

“There is no adventure if you don’t get lost once in a while”

Asshole Bird 2In the early part of the afternoon, I headed up towards the fire pit with my dinner to cook and spent some time preparing my meal. The asshole birds showed up while I was there, and I did everything but throw rocks at them to get them to back off. Aggressive little f*ckers.


Even though I had a restful day, I did go to bed relatively early. It was nice to rest, and my feet were quite happy to have the extra time out of the boots. When I did get up to go pee, the stars were shining brightly and happily.

mm 1940-1953

Happy Trails,


Everything is connected to us. The air, grass, cold and hot. Every part of it we are connected to. It is always there, always present. But because of our ego mind’s control, it pushes our true seer out of the way and “we” forget. So, we begin the search to find it, and it evades us more the more we search. Filling these empty spaces with anything that feels good in the moment, hoping we find our source. And it is always there, in the present. Patiently waiting for us to arrive each time that we’ve gone astray.



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