The Big 40 PCT-Oregon Trek

pct_mapSo, it was my 40th birthday this year, and for it, I decided I wanted some nature and solitude. So, I’m going on a 20 day Trek on the Oregon portion of the Pacific Crest Trail (The trail runs from the US/Mexico Border into Canada).  I am planning to be on trail in the first 3 weeks of September. I’ve got my gear ready, there is absolutely nothing else I think I need. Okay, yes, I want things, but need, nope!

I am going to be doing my meal prep-work in the next couple of weeks.  I have a definitive push to have a lot of oatmeal and trail bread. I know by the end of the trek I will probably have a great vacation from both, but they are certainly going to be my staples. I can doctor both of them up so at least they will be flavored differently as I go along.  I have to say, I love dried fruit while hiking, I hope it doesn’t push my Vata too far out of balance, otherwise you may find me eating grass along the trailside. Mooo!

The trek I am plotting is from Crater Lake National Park to Mt Hood National Forest, Specifically Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood. I have never been to Crater Lake, and though I’ve only been living in Oregon for 3 years, I am long overdue for this visit.  It is the country’s deepest freshwater lake that was formed when a mega-volcano blew it’s top and left a crater. The water is apparently so clear that it is of the deepest blue reflecting back the sky.  I can’t even stand myself I’m so excited.  Tim is going to bring me down and we are planning on taking the boat ride to Wizard Island (Yes, I totally did not make that up). Believe me, I will be taking pictures of this whole trip. (Anyone want to send me a GoPro?)

From Crater Lake to Mt Hood, it’s a solid 250 miles of undulating forests, mountains, creeks, rivers and nature. The thought of it is both daunting and OMG I can’t wait to get in there!  I love a dualistic Universe. I love that I’m both incredibly excited for the experience and completely and calmly anxious about it at the same time. It’s a delicious place to be in the world and it feels yummy.

I’m hoping I can average a daily trek anywhere from 14-16 miles each day.  I’m also imagining there will be a day or two in the 10 or 19 miles/day existence.  It’ll all be divinely beautiful and challenging I’m sure, as I’d want any amazing experience to have both.  I do love an adventure! I also imagine that I will be doing yoga both mornings and evenings. The Moon will also be phasing into FULL during my first week on trail. I will be bathed in the moonlight. It will also be tapering into the New Moon during my last few days.

I will be putting together my CACHE drop(s) in the next day or two.  USPS doesn’t deliver to the CACHE drop locations, otherwise I’d tell you to send me a postcard.  In the CACHE goes the next portion’s meals, socks, shirt and batteries.

I have been working on my pack list. Think minimal, Think minimal. It’s so hard, because you can always think of a reason why you could possibly need something, but there are so many treks I’ve gone on when there was plenty of stuff I brought wasn’t even touched. I think I’m pretty close though. (Anyone have a Quarter Dome 1 they’re not using?)

I’ve been doing a LOT of training hikes. I actually feel extremely long distance hike ready.  I’m compiling a list of where I’ve hiked this year and hoping to get a mileage and elevation chart done. It would be fun to see where I’ve gone.

Next week, River Rafting and possibly the South Sister Climb!

Happy Trekking!


Denny atop Mt St Helens







For more information on the PCT Oregon:



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