Urban Hiking

Downtown Portland OR

Downtown Portland OR

Urban hiking is a great way to keep in shape on days that you just can’t get to a trailhead. I like trekking around cities on days when I find myself with enough time and resource available to get out and do something. To me there is no better way to see a city, get to know its details and discover all of its hidden secrets. Plus, it gets my feet moving, my legs can stay in shape for those lengthy trail hikes and I get to wear sneakers!

On an urban hike, like a mountain hike, it is good to have a start point (just like a trailhead).  You might take a city map and declare a start, or perhaps if it is your own city then your start point is your front door. As I trek along on an urban hike, I notice the manmade mountains (skyscrapers/barns, etc) and man’s attempts at reproducing natural effects (gardens, architecture).  Sometimes I bring my camera along for pictures, other times I wander aimlessly keeping my feet trekking along the concrete pathways.

Where will your urban hike take you?  Perhaps you can base your hike around eateries. How many ice cream places can you trek to in one day. Maybe you like your coffee flavored beverages and want to do a Hike du Cafe.  Perhaps your furry legged friend wants to join and you take him to as many dog parks as possible.  The options are endless and an Urban hike doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or use a lot of resources.

Don’t forget to pack your water and trail mix!

It doesn’t matter what you do, because as it was said, wherever you go, there you are!

Denny Boston



3 thoughts on “Urban Hiking

  1. I knew a girl who used to go for “urban hikes,” but she could never really tell me what the difference was between one of these and a walk (like around the neighborhood).

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